Our Story

We began our journey in 2009 as the group of friends who played Cricket together. We incorporated as a Community Sports Club in 2011 as the first one to register in the Nepalese community in Victoria. Many of our founding members still sit in our board and serve the club. Our club will continue to connect grassroots players to the wider community of supporters and cricket enthusiasts.

The principal activities of the club are to run various cultural, entertainment and sporting activities involving all age groups, genders and ethnicities. The purpose of this activity is to bring unity among the community members & develop cultural awareness with the view to making a tangible positive difference to their lives by developing confidence, promoting well-being and fostering healthy relationships with family, peers and the community.

Our Strategies

  • Forming groups & running various sporting activities to organise, participate & co-ordinate sporting events & carnivals. 
  • Running cultural programs to promote Nepalese cultures & traditions.
  • Hosting entertainments & arts programs to build & promote talents among the Nepalese community. 
  • Ad-hoc organisation of various social events to bring community members together.

Our Board

Current Executive Team 2021-2022

  1. Keshab Sapkota – President 
  2. Muna Kandel – Vice President 
  3. Nischal Kandel – Secretary 
  4. Hari Kandel – Treasurer 
  5. Subesh Panta – Member 
  6. Saroj Kshetri – Member 
  7. Nishant Singh – Member 
  8. Sarozza Sharma – Member 
  9. Santosh Bastakoti – Member 
  10. Sushil Basnet – Member 
  11. Ramesh Kandel – Member 
  12. Tara Gaire – Member 
  13. Tika Nath Rijal – Member 
  14. Rohit Bhattarai – Member

Previous Executive Team 2019-2020

  1. Bhola Giri – President
  2. Roshan Paudyal – Vice-President
  3. Keshab Sapkota – Secretary
  4. Hari Kandel – Treasurer
  5. Muna Kandel – Member
  6. Pukar Adhikari – Member
  7. Rajan Humagai – Member
  8. Raj Kandel – Member
  9. Pooja Gurung – Member
  10. Saroja Sharma – Member
  11. Keshab Pandey – Member
  12. Bhola Neupane – Member
  13. Pitambar Koirala – Member

Highlights from last year

We value our achievements by community engagements, unison, cultural and traditional awareness. Some of our highlights during the 2019 financial year are presented below. 

  • Continuation of grassroots Grade Cricket and playing B Grade competition. 
  • Completed 6 years in the grade cricket tournament.
  • Increased participation in Sunday community tournaments to provide access to more players for participation in the active lifestyle.
  • Continual Support to local community clubs and associations such as NRNA, TAMU SAMAJ VICTORIA & NAV. 
  • Commencement of clubs new fundraising initiations “BBQ at Bunnings” 

Our Annual Reports

The club’s Annual reports are availalbe for your review. Please let us know if you have any questions about the club’s activities.